PowerPoint presentations Tips 101


PowerPoint presentations Tips 101


Welcome To Power Point Template! – There are better techniques you can use to get your message across more effectively. The following is a list of our top ten PowerPoint presentation tips and techniques to help make all of your future meetings, whether offline or online, a big success.

Readability is important – Make sure the font is large enough for everyone to see. Another tip to remember is too many words can make following along a burden for the audience. People will soon loose interest.

Stick to key points – Only put the key points of the presentation on your PowerPoint slides. By following this advice, you can avoid the monotony of having your presentation follow verbatim what appears on each slide.

Use clear titles on each slide — Each PowerPoint slide needs to have a clear title summarizing its purpose. Using larger, bolder font can help ensure the title stands out from the rest of the slide.

Use simple backgrounds – Pay attention to the color selections you choose. Another tip is to make sure the background does not detract from the words or diagrams that appear. If you choose colors that are too dark, or patterns that are too bold, chances are the slides will be difficult to read.

Use graphs and diagrams – Using visual images such as graphs and diagrams can really help to make a point. Images also help to break the presentation up a little bit and provide some visual interest.

Stay organized – The PowerPoint presentation itself needs to stay organized and on topic. Make sure the slides are in the right chronological order and information flows easily and naturally.

Limit the number of slides — Do not overdo the number of slides in your presentation. Keep the information presented on the PowerPoint slides themselves as short and concise as possible. You can always embellish verbally.

Speak clearly – When presenting, speak clearly and try to be as enthusiastic and interesting as possible. People often think of PowerPoint presentations as dry and boring, but with a little creativity, you can be captivating.

Allow time for questions – This is always a good practice to follow when conducting any meeting. PowerPoint presentations are no exception. Make sure you factor in a question and answer time into your allotted time slot.

Allow for future follow-up – Depending on the nature of the PowerPoint presentation, it may be appropriate to provide your contact information so that meeting participants can follow up with you should they have any further questions or wish to enlist your services.

With a little time and effort, you can really make your next PowerPoint presentation effective and memorable by following these simple tips and techniques.

Hope you enjoyed reading and learning. Below are some templates to help you get stared.