How to make a PowerPoint Presentation on Global Warming


How to make a PowerPoint Presentation on Global Warming


Addressing an audience about the issue of global warming requires a little bit of knowledge about the topic itself. Though a very common topic today, presentation is what is paramount. A PowerPoint presentation on the same is the best suitable way to culminate all the data and deliver them. Being a very delicate environmental hazard, being able to prepare a presentation on it is quite a job as it aims to get some desired outcome and response from the audience surely.

So to make a good and attractive presentation on global warming, here is a head start on preparing the presentation.

Consider the knowledge, interests and attitude of the audience and hence shape the presentation. Outline the presentation; give a proper beginning, introducing the audience on your topic, global warming, and then gradually widening and easing into it. Provide ample photos, charts, sound effects and other forms of visual imagery. What graphics can do in your presentation is unparalleled by any content.


Emphasis on the local and regional causes and effects of greater concern, like droughts, floods and sea level rising. Also it is only relevant to state the consequences that matter most to the target audience you are addressing, i.e. human impacts of social and religious institutions, wildlife impacts for conservation groups, economic influence and energy security for business or government groups and likewise.

Focus more on information that instigates the public to take action, and not give too much detail to information that can be depressing or overwhelming.

Also motivate the listeners with solutions and hope. Focusing on the plausible remedies invokes the individuals and groups to take matters in their hands immediately.

Provide the information in a way that the audience realizes that change is possible and the problem of global warming can be eradicated with their participation, thus they play a vital role.


To motivate the people, discuss about the benefits of action taken by communities or organizations, again tailored to the specific target audience like economic/ job benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency, cleaner air and water with less fossil fuels burning, better land usage and transportation and most importantly a healthier and more secure future for your children. Give appropriate slogans.

Remember not to go overboard. Do not make the slides too messy or flashy by using distracting animations or colors.

All’s well that ends well. It is most important in a PowerPoint presentation to have a nice closing. So it’s your last and final opportunity to remind your listeners about the urgency to save nature from the fangs of global warming and time they stand up for the cause.

When delivering the presentation, remember not to read the slides.

The presentation shouldn’t overpower you, it is just an aide. Don’t let the audience’s focus shift from your speech. And always stay in sync with your presentation.

It’s essential to be interactive. Keep asking questions and also tackle questions calmly without getting into an argument or defensive. Let audience member have the liberty to ask or even offer opinions.








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